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About Us

Kinjo Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded in 1936 as a Japanese rubber materials trading company.
Along with the changing times, we have expanded into the manufacturing and soil improvement business, and have developed two core pillars of business: the manufacture and sale of rubber products, and the specialist in land-bearing ground improvement.
Later, as part of our CSR, we started manufacturing “Hodokun Guideway”, a welfare project that produces safe and secure spaces for everyone.

Company Name
Kinjo Rubber Co., Ltd.

President & CEO
Taizo OTA
Kinjo Rubber Manufacturing Co. established in May 1936.
Capital amount
80 million yen
1-4-25, Atobe-Kitanomachi, Yao, Osaka, 5810068, Japan
company owned factory
2 locations in Japan (Osaka and Mie prefectures)
Our Business
  • 1. Manufacture and sale of industrial rubber and resin parts
  • 2. Soft/weak ground improvement work (design, construction, management)
  • 3. Manufacture, sales and installation of "Hodokun Guideway”